TABULA RASA: Starting Over For The ?th Time

Oh, wow. It’s been almost 3 years since my last post on here (said post being the only other post before this one since I privatized everything else. LOL.)

Here’s the thing about me: I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with blogging since high school. I’ve hopped from one host to the next, telling myself it would be the last site I’ll be in, the last domain name I’ll have… But then all the what ifs come along and ruin it. “What if someone I know discovers my blog and uses it against me?” “What if I share an opinion that would offend people?” “What if everything I write gets negative feedback?” “What if I don’t get feedback AT ALL?” et cetera, et cetera… Add laziness and the lack of motivation to the mix and I end up not continuing what I started.

I realize now that it’s not really the possibility of the what ifs that’s holding me back, but my dismissive attitude towards something that I think I can never be successful in. And every single time, I forget why I started blogging in the first place. Hopefully, this post marks an end to all that.

Who cares if a condescending colleague or a nosy relative stumbles upon my blog and decides to tell everyone else about it? I could use the traffic. So what if my opinion would offend some people? I’m not here to please anyone. I’m here to write and share what I think needs to be shared. This blog is my public landfill of thoughts, ideas, and inquiries and I’ve decided to commit to it.

So, hi, I’m Paige. Welcome to my blog.

6 thoughts on “TABULA RASA: Starting Over For The ?th Time

  1. Monique Carillo says:

    Hey hakuna matata, I’m with you! Also, hopping from one host to another. But decided to stick around in tumblr for a while. Privatize past posts too! So right now, still finding the right domain name to use here bcos FICKLE MIND! You know the drill. Keep it coming!

    • vileparagon says:

      I also think it’s the need to try out everything else before finally choosing the right one. I hope I get we both get to continue this. Thank you and good luck! 🙂

  2. brettfish says:

    Welcome back. You should write. If you spend your life worried about what might happen and who could possibly stumble on your words then you won’t really be living.

    Seize the day and just let this be a space for you to do your thing and yeah it probably is a good time to settle but great that you tried out a few spaces before this one…

    All the best
    love brett fish

  3. Kristine says:

    I’ve switched domains because my aunt found about my blog through my twitter… I tried stalking my sister’s twitter to see what she was up to and accidentally stumbled upon my aunt’s and actually liked one of her posts. (So yeah, I totally make an awful online stalker.) She tried to visit my blog several times ever since and I even went as far as blocking her IP address. When I saw that she kept coming back I just up and left that domain and moved to another. Good thing I was able to keep all my posts.

    I made a similar mistake this time just a few days ago with my research colleagues… I accidentally sent them an email through my blog email address with our research powerpoint presentation and whatnot… I was contemplating on moving again so I can still blog somewhat privately without offline people knowing about it, but then I realized why do I have to keep running? Screw what they think about me if they start reading. So I just decided to not care and stick this one out.

    So I totally get your concerns. Anyway, just keep blogging. What keeps me going is that I blog for myself and no one else because I find it therapeutic.

    • vileparagon says:

      You’re right. The only one really stopping me from writing is myself. I plan to continue this in the long run and share more stuff (other than food lol) and I’m a bit more confident about it. Thank you and I hope you don’t stop blogging as well! 🙂

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