GRUB AFFAIR: Backyard Kitchen + Brew / Cafe Shibuya

I love food. It’s not a secret to family and friends. I love everything that entails food – from the act of mastication to the calories that come with it (especially if they’re so worth it). It’s not just about the idea of eating: I once said that food is the easy substitute to traveling and that tasting new flavors is like mapping the once uncharted areas of your tongue. My desire for food, travel, and books stems from my desire to try new things.

I’ve been on a couple of food quests lately and I even have plans to try other new places this weekend. I figured I would be doing more food posts than I expected, so I think food deserves its own category.

I asked Chris to suggest a title for this upcoming blog post because I couldn’t think of one and he initially suggested I make an own title for posts about days I go out with friends (never mind the fact that he actually suggested these things: “Friends For Keeps”, “Unplanned Soiree”, “Galaan* With My Peepz”). I sneaked in food titles into the conversation instead. After several proposed titles (“Food Voyage – Foodage?” “Snack Snooping” “Rummage” – No. I am not a trash collector wtf), we finally decided on Grub Affair because 1) I LUB GRUB; and, 2) It’s witty enough to be my very first featured category!

So, yesterday I went out with my friend Pao to catch up. Living 40 minutes away from each other limits the places we could meet up and not knowing how to drive, he almost always gets his way. I wasn’t willing to drive that far in this heat so he miraculously suggested somewhere close to where I live this time, at UP Town Center, Katipunan

We checked out Backyard Kitchen + Brew‘s menu before meeting up and saw that they had uni carbonara and butterbeer. My friend is very picky with food, but we both love Harry Potter and Japanese food so these items caught the most of our attention. It’s uni carbonara and butterbeer!!! It would probably mess up our stomachs but who cares – it’s uni AND butterbeer We had to try it. Arriving at Backyard, he quickly asked where the famous “logo with grass in the background” was so we could take a photo of it.

That’s not grass, Pao

We let the waiter take our order and was delivered the most devastating news: They did not have uni carbonara at the moment. Trying to hide our look of disdain, we shrugged it off saying, “Oh, well, not everyone likes uni. We understand.” We ordered a couple of their best sellers, instead. At least we had the butter beer to keep us here. I’ve never tasted butterbeer or any imitation concoction, so I had high expectations for this drink.

Doesn't come close to Hogsmeade, this one

Did Winky drink half my beer before serving this?

I’m not going to lie. I half expected this beer to take me to a chilly trip to Hogsmeade where I get warmed up in a corner at the Three Broomsticks with my Slytherin buddies. Bleh. I thought this was supposed to taste like a less-sickly butterscotch?! It just tasted like slightly sweetened beer with cream on top. Sorry, Backyard, but you’re not fooling this Potterhead.

We hoped at least the food would make up for it, and they did, thankfully. We ordered Waffle Breaded Fried Chicken and Slow Roasted Pork Belly with mac and cheese as sides. The menu says the chicken comes with ciabatta toasts and sriracha, but I guess they ran out of that, too? Other than those slip ups, the food was good. Not exceptional, but good. The uni carbonara felt like the one that got away, though. I still daydream about that dish…

This ain't no uni carbonara, but it'll do

Wait a minute, you’re not the uni carbonara I came here for

You're no uni carbonara either, so why bother with a proper caption

You’re no uni carbonara either, so why bother with a proper caption

After finishing our meals and roaming the mall for a bit, we had coffee at Cafe Shibuya, which offers savory and sweet toasts as their specialty.

Legend tells us of a pastry chef who couldn't stop buying rolling pins... The cafe is a front for his shady rolling pin storage facilities

Legend tells us of a pastry chef who couldn’t stop buying rolling pins… The cafe is a front for his shady rolling pin storage facility

Pao had the Triple Dark Ghirardelli Coffee Frappe and I ordered the Iced Chocolate Green Tea Latte. I wish I ordered the Triple Dark sooner because it was as delectable as it sounds. But the latte wasn’t a disappointment, and we enjoyed catching up for the remainder of our stay.

I regret not ordering you sooner

...but I'm happy I chose you in the end

…but I’m happy I chose you in the end

*Galaan – wandering

3 thoughts on “GRUB AFFAIR: Backyard Kitchen + Brew / Cafe Shibuya

  1. helgaweber says:

    I need to eat here! Rico Blanco owns or co-owns this place yata?

    I would also have asked for the missing bread HAHAHAHA.

    • vileparagon says:

      I didn’t realize it was supposed to have bread until after!!! Hahaha. Chris said the desserts are good daw but we didn’t get to try them (because of picky friend. sigh)

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