Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 01

10 Happy Things

I’ve been skeptical about posting this because it’s actually much harder to write about random things in one entry. But I figured this was a nice way of recalling and rounding up the good things of the week before starting the next. Thanks to Helga for starting this feature!

So…. Here are 10 things that made me smile this week!

1. The new food feature I started. Having a very special place in my heart means definitely maybe having your own category here – like Grub Affair

2.  My wonderful experience reading The Graveyard Book and just Neil Gaiman’s works in general. I don’t know what stopped me from reading his books back in high school but I regret not buying them sooner!

3. Catching up with one of my med school friends (which I rarely do during long breaks like this) over a ridiculous combo of beer and coffee

4. Showing Chris my birthday wishlist. Hehe.

5. Singapore/Indian fusion in a cafe at Lilac St. with my college friends! It was probably the best restaurant I’ve tried in Lilac so far (will post tomorrow)

6. Waking up to my baby bunnies Nix and Nox being sweet and clingy.

7. My new nephew’s upcoming christening and his older brother’s birthday party on Sunday!

8. Discovering this Instagram gem (WARNING: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH) which further fuels my desire to be a forensic pathologist.

9. Knowing I’m getting pizza with my good friend Lex tomorrow. (What diet?)

10. Getting positive feedback from a few people for starting this blog! (I still blush at the thought)


Ditz Revolution

4 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 01

    • vileparagon says:

      Yes, bunnies!!! I’ve read that cats and rabbits can cohabitate but it needs a lot monitoring so it’s pretty hard if you’re out for most of the day 😦

    • vileparagon says:

      Thank you! That’s not even his most adorable angle! Yeah, asthma’s a bummer for those who want pets. Rabbits don’t really shed but they carry some allergens, too 😦 Do you have any pets, though? 🙂

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