GRUB AFFAIR: Backyard Kitchen + Brew / Cafe Shibuya

I love food. It’s not a secret to family and friends. I love everything that entails food – from the act of mastication to the calories that come with it (especially if they’re so worth it). It’s not just about the idea of eating: I once said that food is the easy substitute to traveling and that tasting new flavors is like mapping the once uncharted areas of your tongue. My desire for food, travel, and books stems from my desire to try new things.

I’ve been on a couple of food quests lately and I even have plans to try other new places this weekend. I figured I would be doing more food posts than I expected, so I think food deserves its own category.

I asked Chris to suggest a title for this upcoming blog post because I couldn’t think of one and he initially suggested I make an own title for posts about days I go out with friends (never mind the fact that he actually suggested these things: “Friends For Keeps”, “Unplanned Soiree”, “Galaan* With My Peepz”). I sneaked in food titles into the conversation instead. After several proposed titles (“Food Voyage – Foodage?” “Snack Snooping” “Rummage” – No. I am not a trash collector wtf), we finally decided on Grub Affair because 1) I LUB GRUB; and, 2) It’s witty enough to be my very first featured category!

So, yesterday I went out with my friend Pao to catch up. Living 40 minutes away from each other limits the places we could meet up and not knowing how to drive, he almost always gets his way. I wasn’t willing to drive that far in this heat so he miraculously suggested somewhere close to where I live this time, at UP Town Center, KatipunanContinue reading

SATURDAY STUMBLE: Kuppa Roastery Cafe / Magpie Cafe

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If this will be your last summer vacation for the next forty years, how are you going to spend it?

People normally get to answer this question before they’re 20, before résumés are sent out to mark the beginning of struggling yuppie life. On the other hand, post-grad students like me have the luxury to answer this question much later. And my time has come.

Knowing this is going to be my last summer vacation in a while made me want to go to as much places as my student savings and parents’ budget can take me and to take in as much as my senses allow. Sadly, I’ve been treating my summer like how I’ve been treating my writing. I wasted the past month lying in bed, complaining about the heat but that nonsense will end as well (I only wish this ridiculous heat ends, too)!!!

Saturday Stumble will be a round-up of things I stumble upon (God, I’m clever), where I (mostly) eat or go to some place new! I’ve always wanted to blog about traveling, but until I become the richest Asian forensic pathologist of the 21st century, I’ll stick with places within my reach.

So… Here’s what happened today!

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